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  • RF Training’s (2G, 3G , 4G or LTE , 5G)

Module 1 : Telecom Fundamentals & Digital Communication

  • Telecom Circles in India
  • The Cellular Concept,frequency reuse,
  • Small-Scale & Multipath Fading, sectorization,tilting
  • Equalization Diversity &Channel Coding ,digital modulation , multiple access technology, types of sites

Module 2 : Antennas and Wireless Communication

Basic knowledge of Generations, types of antennas and its functions, antenna gain , VSWR , impedence , beamwidth, losses, antenna frequency bands ,

Module 3: GSM System Engineering

Introduction and history of GSM, GSM frequency bands, General Architecture of GSM Networks, Channel concept in GSM, Radio Interface, Air Interface, GSM Identities and Traffic Cases, KPIs

Module 4 : UMTS Fundamentals

3G Introduction , architechture, frequency bands, handovers, PSC(scrambling code), channels , protocols, layers, call flow , identifiers, KPIs

Module 5 : Cell Planning Scenerio

RF Survey, LOS Survey, RFE1 Survey , Installation & Commissioning , EMF Survey, Drive testing, Physical Optimization,SCFT,

Module 6 : LTE & 5G Fundamentals & Optimization

4G Introduction ,4G frame and bandwidth, 5G Introduction ,5G frame and bandwidth, architechture, frequency bands, handovers, PCI, call flow, KPIs ,