Module 1 : Telecom Fundamentals & Digital Communication

  • Telecom Circles in India
  • The Cellular Concept,frequency reuse,
  • Small-Scale & Multipath Fading, sectorization,tilting
  • Equalization Diversity &Channel Coding ,digital modulation , multiple access technology, types of sites

Module 2 : Antennas and Wireless Communication

  • Basic knowledge of Generations, types of antennas and its functions, antenna gain , VSWR , impedence , beamwidth, losses, antenna frequency bands

Module 3: GSM System Engineering

  • Introduction and history of GSM, GSM frequency bands, General Architecture of GSM Networks, Channel concept in GSM, Radio Interface, Air Interface, GSM Identities and Traffic Cases, KPIs

Module 4 : UMTS Fundamentals

  • 3G Introduction , architechture, frequency bands, handovers, PSC(scrambling code), channels , protocols, layers, call flow , identifiers, KPIs

Module 5 : Cell Planning Scenario

  • RF Survey, LOS Survey, RFE1 Survey , Installation & Commissioning , EMF Survey, Drive testing, Physical Optimization,SCFT

Module 6 : LTE & 5G Fundamentals & Optimization

  • 4G Introduction ,4G frame and bandwidth, 5G Introduction ,5G frame and bandwidth, architechture, frequency bands, handovers, PCI, call flow, KPIs