Microsoft’s .NET Framework is a platform for building software. It is not a language itself. The primary (but not only) languages developers use to build software on the .NET Framework are C# and Visual Basic.
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The course curriculum of .NET comprises:

Module 01

• .NET Framework, CTS and CLS.

Module 02

• Programming with C#.

Module 03

• Multi-Core Parallel Programming, Covariance and Contra variance with C#.

Module 04

• ASP.NET Client-Server Architecture, HTTP Protocol, IIS Web Servers and Cassini.

Module 05

• Http Context and Http Application objects.

Module 06

• ASP.NET Toolbox Webserver Controls.

Module 07

• Master Pages and Themes.

Module 08

• Zero Code, Two-way and One-way data binding with Templates, Designers and Data Source Controls.

Module 09

• ADO.NET N-Tier DLL based, Two-way and One-Way data binding with Templates.

Module 10

• HTML5 Canvas and Video Renderers.

Module 11

• Database connectivity with DBF actories.

Module 12

• Entity Framework 4.0 and LINQ.

Module 13

• XML and X Path Filters.

Module 14

• Website Navigation with Site Map Providers and Site Map Resolve events.

Module 15

• URL Mapping and URL Routing.

Module 16

• AJAX and Codeplex Ajax Control Toolkit.

Module 17

• Custom Controls, User Controls and Composite Controls.

Module 18

• jQuery, Java script and CSS.

Module 19

• SOAP XML Web services and Windows Communication Foundation [WCF] desktop and internet services.

Module 20

• WPF and Mobile Development.

Module 21

• ASP.NET Generic Handlers